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Just found out someone I know is a homophobe :/
I wouldn't say he's a friend, he bugs me a lot but we hang out occasionally; I was talking to a mutual friend about clubbing in Brighton, and how the clubs might be full of gay people (apparently Brighton's the gay capitol of the uk...)
I said this was cool, we'd get to meet some awesome people.
Then this guy said how is that cool, hanging out with gay guys. He said he didn't feel comfortable around them, and no matter what anyone said, homosexuality isn't genetic or biological, it's sexual deviancy.
He's not religious, as far as I know, so I think it's just the result of his upbringing but it really threw me.
I didn't think anyone I knew was homophobic O_o It threw me a little bit; maybe the people I know aren't so tolerant as I thought they were.
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So....things have been....interesting. 
I made a new friend today. We spoke for like half an hour; by spoke I mean I kept trying to spark conversation and she'd mumble one word answers but we hung out for a little bit and ignored the awkward silences so I'm resolutely calling her a new friend. 
She's 4 years my junior, which I feel a bit weird about. She goes to my old school , and as far as I know we don't have a whole lot in common but whatever. Something can spark from this!

Another awesome thing to happen; 
a bad day turned into an awesome day a little while ago. Me and a couple friends had planned to meet up with some more friends to see one friends boyfriend play (mind boggling?) Anyway, one of us couldn't get in and I refused to leave her on her own so I said I wouldn't go into the bar/restaurant without her. 
My 'best friend' then willingly agreed that it would be for the best if I hung out with the underage friend, and left to join her boyfriend. 
This pissed me off. 
I sulked and stormed off with the other girl, we had lunch, saw a movie and hung out which was awesome. I'm a little bit in awe of this friend, we've known each other for ages but haven't been friends long but she's so cool! 

Anyway, We had a marvellous time; the rest of the group who I thought didn't notice me made sure I wasn't going to be waiting for a lift on my own, which was very sweet. Then I walked through a tunnel and passed a couple; the guy of the pair then took his fedora hat off and held it out to me and said 'want a hat?' 
And I said 'yes. Yes i do want a hat' because damn it, a hat would cheer me up. 
So I took it and thanked him, and he wished me a good night =] 
See THAT'S the kind of experiences I want to have, memories and things you know? 

Other than that, it's been working, overtime, working some more and being paid so...all's fair really. I shouldn't be up this late, I might have overtime in the morning so I'm signing off. 
Ciao, bella.
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GAH it snowed, like...a lot . It must have been like at least a couple inches high and everything was pretty and white \o/ Finally! It's nearly summer, but whatever, I got my white christmas just like I asked for.

It's melting now, but it well made my week *cough* I skipped work to enjoy the snow with my mum and dogs, dont tell anyone *cough* :D

On a less bright note, my dog dug up my guinea pig, who I'd buried in the back garden. I was at work, came home and mum told me she'd found her (the guinea pig) in the dog's bed. She thought I'd laugh at the apparent HILARITY of the situation, but I cried. Like a lot :/ I can sort of see the humour in how weird it must have looked, but then I remembered the dream I had the night before. *cut to dream sequence, do-do-dooo* I dreamt the guinea pig wasn't really dead, and we found her in time and returned her to her cage with the other one *end of sequence la-la-laaa* so this has freaked me out.
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Panic At The Disco Fan Fiction S/A

Title: Drink And Drive Me Crazy.
Author: catchem_ryden 
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Ryden
POV: Third.
Summary: Brendon's an affectionate drunk and his target tonight is Ryan.
Disclaimer: This is all fake, and the sketchyproduct of my active imagination.
Author Notes: Thanks times a million to silentpoetry1for beta-ing this and helping me getting it posted (what can I say, I'm clueless.) 

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Urgh, my guinea pig died night before last. I was at a friends house, so I only found out when my mum phoned to tell me. I ended up crying in front of two friends, and they didn't comfort me or anything, or even say much other than 'are you okay?' 
So...that's kind of knocked me for six; having a pet die, obviously, but also finding out two friends weren't really there for me when I needed them. 
So that really sucks on two counts. 

My older brother was wonderful about it though. Usually we hate each other's guts, but he gave me a hug and told me he's always got my back, no matter what. Which started me crying again. 

Fan of Panic at the Disco? There was a big old flailboat today at
It's been funny, nostalgic, fan-girly and devoted to the guys since it's DISCO DAY. The new album is AMAZING. I won't spoil it for you, but seriously you might want to check out that thread 'cause there were pictures I hadn't even seen before...
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I went to see a friend's play tonight in college, with a couple other friends. I was kind of dreading it because I thought I'd be bored and it would suck but it was five individual plays, one was just damn funny, one was Midsummer's with funny bits, one was morbid but good (with my friend in it) one was alright and the last was.....pure freaky. 
Anyway, it was pretty good because we enjoyed the plays, it was me and my best friend and three of our guy friends so we were the centre of attention :3 
So yeah, my new philosophy is 'never say no.' which basically means if I get invited out somewhere and I'm able to go, I will accept. So I'll be socialising more than I do, and having fun!
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Okay, so I loathe my sister. Like....really despise her, to the point where I can't wait until either I leave home or she does. 
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On relfection, none of that was really fair. She apologised today, so...I feel a little bad for writing all that. 
To make up for it, and not entirely waste a post! Have a picture of....something cute. 

 pink socks aye??
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I had an awesome dream the other night; me and some friends were hanging out in an old building, having a bit of a slumber party. We're all in white pyjamas and just fooling around when Panic at the DIsco and they're crew comes in. 
They've just come back off tour and they're tired as anything, so ask us if they can bunk down here for the night. 
We have no beds, just a couch or two so I settle down in my white sleeping bag on the floor 'cause I'm getting sleepy. 

Brendon is on the floor next to me, telling me stories. It's like we're old friends and he's getting hyper so he climbs over me and I laugh because it tickles. 
He wanders off and Ryan comes over, with his old hairstyle, and tells me he's really tired and can he sleep next to me. 
I say sure (obviously) and he lies down and asks if we can spoon 'cause he's cold. 
So we do! And it feels incredibly real then I wake up. It was all just friendly, like we were old, good friends and I woke up feeling well good about things.

Here's a picture of Ryan with his old hair, because I miss it =[

By the way. Nine in the afternoon is full of win <3 I was worried about listening and not liking their new stuff but I am in LOVE with this song. If the rest of the songs on the new album are this good, I'll be a very happy girl; plus, they're the first band I'm actually going to buy the album of. Everyone else, I usually download (which I know is bad) but I want Panic to be around for a very long time so I'm actually going to support them by buying it  <3
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Not much to talk about, to be honest 8-(
Work is going well, or at least one of my jobs is. The other I *loathe* but whatev. I get paid £20 tomorrow so I can go shopsies. 

I went out for a meal with friends friday evening though. It was nice, seeing everyone again, we all talked and laughed and took cool pictures but I *HATE* the venue. 
It's a chinese place, and I only had the chips and rice because everything else was like crab claw, and double-fried pork ears blah blah blah. 
Anyway, the employees there are so unhospitable! Fr srs. They patrolled the tables, snatching up any plates that haven't been touched for 5 seconds, and they treated us like weirdo westerners; like we were imposing on them. I have nothing at all against the asian culture but I dearly hope that's not what it's like in China. 

So anyway, I would have much preferred to have gone somewhere else for the evening but it's done and over. yeah, till i can think of something interesting to post, good night!

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Yay for the new journal =] Isn't it purdy?
Anyway. Um. I'm still not exactly sure whether this is just going to be me unloading my feelings of the day and sharing the odd bit of interesting media, or whether it'll strictly be pictures/video clips/bands you should check out. 
So until I actually find something note-worthy, I'll just conclude my year so far with a pros/cons list. Because I like lists. 

Pros of 2008: 

* Lost 3 lbs. 
* Got a lovely part-time job
* May be meeting a new boy soon. 
* Getting my provisional license soon = clubbing
* Realized I'm very flexible, personality wise.

Cons of 2008:
* Mourning death of Heath Ledger
* Worried about changes in Panic At The Disco
* Haven't had a boyfriend in yeeears and 2008 is just adding to the total.
* Only 8 months until I start college in a different town.  =[ Scary.
* My rabbit has an awful eye condition = expensive treatment,

So there you have it. My ups and downs for january of 2008. 
Um...lyric of the day: It's too late to go, it's getting light out, I know you don't want to sleep here alone. Just take it easy.
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